Sole Proprietor

b. 1962

MTA is registered and insured with all the relevant governing bodies.

MTA runs from a bespoke high ceilinged studio, under a big tree in an extended garden.  The practice is fully registered with all statutory bodies, and has had the honour of recognition via awards from various professional bodies.

Mark Thomas graduated as an Architect in 1986 from the University of Cape Town.  He worked as a candidate architect at GAPP and went on to create Visser Thomas Architects and now finally MTA.

The firm is inspired by the sculptural brilliance of Luis Barragán and his ability to frame nature; the fluidity and human-scale of Alvar Aalto's work, and at a local level, the joy in Bert Pepler's work and detail; the brilliance of Jack Barnett's Baxter theatre; and the smooth and experienced design ability of Geoff George, with whom MTA used to share offices.

In terms of material use and the firms ‘style’ there is an on-going respect for the joy of thick carved walls, raw brick, rough timber, concrete, windows that open wide, doors that slide away completely, stone and natural materials. As a student Mark lived in a traditional whitewashed barn in Rondebosch, where the hundred year old forms and their simplicity had a profound effect.

Recently, teaming up with the Structural Engineer Henry Fagan and the architect Chris Bisset in Norway, the firm has become known for the design and manufacture of large pre-made steel sculptural bridges, as well as conventional building appointments where a full service from design concept to final handover is required.